The world certainly needs love.  Something that is in great need is discernment.  Discernment is a nice theological term that essentially means spiritual direction, understanding, or what’s God up to now?

We can certainly use some discernment in our national discourse.  We are caught in a pattern of controversy and reaction, controversy and reaction.  This cycle creates unneeded anxiety.  And our leaders seem bent on creating more anxiety, rather than relieving anxiety among the people.

We are responsible for discerning how we go about our days.  Recently, I have been asking myself the following questions to assist me in discernment – to know if I’m on the right track or I have fallen off base.  You may want to consider these questions for yourself.

When I respond to (insert controversial policy) am I in alignment with what Jesus taught?

Does my response advance the unfolding of the kingdom of God or the expansion of empire theology?  (Empire theology is the belief that might makes right, that the strong survive, the enemy must be destroyed or conquered, that God has no say in politics, etc)

Am I saying or typing words that are based in love, mercy, grace, forgiveness, and peace, or at they based on something else like being right, control, fear, anger, etc.?

When I speak or act, who do people see or hear – Jesus or Caesar?  (Caesar is my way of expressing the rulers and ways of the world that are in opposition to the way of Jesus – there have been many Caesar-like figures throughout history.)

Forgive me Lord when I fail to speak or act in a way that conflicts with your way.  Give me courage to follow you.