What do we think about God?  This isn’t one of those head in the clouds type of questions.  The answer has practical implications.

Do you believe that God is angry and wrathful and ready to destroy whoever opposes God?

Do you believe that God is love, merciful, oriented towards peace?

Do you believe the claims of God?  Do you trust God?  Or do you rather verify before really trusting?

Do you believe that God is hands-off, not really someone or something that we experience or interact with?

Do you believe that God is just an idea, not a “person” at all – but rather a set of ideas?

Now switch out God with people and see if the answers are any different.  Often we think that how we relate to God and to other people is far different.  But I don’t think so.  Sure, there are some differences.  But at the core, how we think about God will have an impact on how we treat other people.

That’s how faith works.  It comes to us and impacts us in such a way that we spread this faith we have been given to others and it guides how we interact with others.

How we think about God and what we believe about God has an impact on how we treat and interact with others.