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If you had to describe the Gospel, or church, or faith, how would you describe it?

Would it be described as something nice, or routine, or a given?  How about church – is it something you go to or belong to?  Is faith something you’ve learned?  Is the Gospel  just a book, or Jesus message?

These many be technically true, but they seem…lacking or ordinary.  Maybe mediocre even.

Is that what Jesus is about – ordinary, lacking, mediocre?  When you read or hear passages of Scripture, do you think of ordinary, lacking, and mediocre?  Are you actually reading Scripture?  When is the last time you cracked open the Bible on your own to read it?  I’m not talking about what you hear at church either.

If you aren’t reading scripture, why not?  Maybe Jesus, church, and faith just don’t have much impact on your life.  Maybe they are nice, but that’s where it stops.  Maybe you are afraid?  Maybe you’re afraid that it will actually deliver on what is promised – a changed life. If your life changes, then you might not be in control.  Here’s a promise – you won’t be in control.

The Gospel isn’t ordinary.  It is extra ordinary.  Anything that is life changing would be.  Do you believe that the Gospel is life changing?  Do you believe that it not only impacts your life, but changes it?  Do you want that?  Or are you too comfortable?  Maybe you’re fooling yourself into believing that everything is going well.  But I’m willing to bet a million dollars that something in your life is broken and not working.  Something in your life is mediocre at best.

This doesn’t mean that the Gospel promises carnivals and blue birds on your shoulder.  The Gospel doesn’t promise that your life will look and feel like a made for TV movie.  Not even close.

Here’s what I know – Jesus wasn’t into mediocre and average.  Jesus wasn’t into just surviving either.

He’s all about thriving.  That’s what the Gospel is – thriving life, new life, death and resurrected life.  That’s life that has changed.  Life that is no longer in our own control.

If faith is only ordinary or routine, then it’s time to dump it.  Only a faith that is extra ordinary will carry you through the difficult times that are coming for each one of us.