When I drive to appointments and meetings and visitations I often have the radio on.  And more often than not, I have it on scan.  I do this for a few reasons.  First, I’m not loyal to any radio station or type of music.  I actually like a wide variety of music and so I like to keep my options open.  Second, I like to hear what I’m up against theologically on the “Christian” radio stations.  You would not believe how much bad theology exists on “Christian” radio stations.

Sometime this week I was scanning while driving and came across a radio program on a Christian station and I stopped to listen to what they were talking about.  I quickly learned that it was a program focused on Israel.  The host was super excited about efforts to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem.  The host was talking about the potential locations of the Holy of Holies, and how it might be where the Dome of the Rock is, or it might be 300 feet to the north.  He spoke about the return of the red heifers that are used for ritual sacrifice if archeologists can find the nine jars of heifer ashes that supposedly were put below the temple.  He was super excited about all of this.

Let me just say for the record – this is crazy talk.  And dangerous.  And the question is for what purpose?

Now I know the answer to that question.  It comes from a belief that certain events need to happen in order for Jesus to come back and set off the Rapture.  Here’s the problem with that line of thinking – we are completely arrogant if we believe that God needs us to do something to trigger Jesus’ return as if God restricted by our actions.  Why in the world would anyone believe that we have to help certain events along in order to Jesus to come back?  That makes literally no sense.

This type of theology is dangerous and destructive for numerous reasons.  Getting into some kind of religious conflict with Muslims over a holy site is not a good idea, and is not of God.  What happens when things don’t go according to “the plan?”  What happens when there is a response with violence for violent actions against people of other faiths?

Will those who push this kind of theology take responsibility for any death or destruction that would be caused by such an action as rebuilding the temple?  I doubt it.  They are too busy thinking they are right to care for people and creation.

Bad theology has real consequences.  The bible gets manipulated and abused enough.  We don’t need bad theology adding to that.