It’s easy to see the darkness and negativity.  It’s easy to hear the dehumanizing and belittling language.  It’s easy to watch violence and destruction.  It’s easy to see abuse.  It’s easy to see how the poor, the outsider, and the stranger are pushed away or held down.  It’s easy to hear anger and fear.  It’s easy to see the walls of separation that are built to keep certain people out and others in.  It’s easy to hear the language of religion being used and abused by politicians and parties.  It’s easy to get down on humanity and the culture.  To see those without and be in despair.  It is easy to grasp hopelessness.

But that is not what followers of Christ are called to.  We aren’t called to see and hear these things and give up hope.  Instead we called to recognize that they exist – they are the reality of this world.  We are called to see them for what they are and to call the thing what it is – evil, unjust.  We are called to respond to what God has done for us.  We are called to serve those around us, to proclaim Good News, to offer hope.  To show love and care.  To welcome the stranger, the child, the outcast, the poor.

We are called to do all of this because we have a message of hope.  The world may be crappy, but God offers a promise of healing and wholeness.  God offers a promise of Revelation 21.  God offers a promise.  And that is good news.  It is the best news ever.  It is a message of hope.  One that not only just gets us through the day, but gives us life to try things, to risk it all, to care.

It’s easy to succumb to the darkness.  It’s much more fulfilling to embrace and be embraced by the light.