A blogger I read wrote something that caught my attention:

The problem when you let people who are directly (or indirectly) benefiting from the status quo decide about the future of something, then that future is going to look a lot like the current status quo. No matter whether the status quo is changing or not. And the status quo is always changing…

– Yann Girard

There is a great deal of wisdom in these words.

You can see examples of this play out throughout history.  Think of empires.  Empires desire the status quo and will use whatever means necessary to maintain the status quo.

Except the status quo is always changing.  So it is a moving target.  An empire attempts to control the movement and contain it.  Except it is a losing battle.  Every empire that has ever existed has lost this battle at some point – every one.  Because it is impossible to contain the always changing.  The always changing keeps going while you tire and wear out.

This isn’t true just for empires, but all things in the world – Every organization, business, church, institution, etc.  Every established thing is fighting a losing battle to maintain the status quo.


I think it is an extension of ourselves.  Organizations, businesses, churches, and institutions are made up of people.  And as people age, they change.  The status quo changes because our bodies and minds change.  We can’t control the aging process or maintain our bodies the way they were when we were 20.  It’s not possible.  Yet, we spend so much time, energy, money, and effort to do just that.  And we lose when we try that.

If the status quo is always changing, then the question is this – what do we do?  We respond and adjust.  We adapt.  Adaptions allow for survival and continuing.  That’s true for organisms and organizations.  Trying to maintain the status quo, or turn back the clock is a losing proposition – every time.  And it’s not what we are called to.

Jesus said to him, ‘No one who puts a hand to the plough and looks back is fit for the kingdom of God.’

(Luke 9:62)