Like all of you, I received the test emergency broadcast text listed as the Presidential Alert. Why call it a Presidential Alert?

Why not something like the Emergency Broadcast System, or something everyone is already familiar with.  I was half expecting the alert to be followed up with some kind of tweet from the President mocking a government agency or someone he doesn’t like for some reason or other.

An alert is something that needs our attention.  My hope is this is the last time I every receive something from this alert.  Ever.  Usually alerts aren’t good news.  We get enough bad news – I don’t need more bad news sent as an alert overpowering my cell phone.

I wonder if the church could do something similar.  We could call it Jesus Alert.  In a way it would be similar.  Just as we know that the President didn’t send this alert, we also know Jesus wouldn’t be sending out such an alert either.  So what would it say?

Maybe something “I’m coming back…Now.”  Or maybe, “Resurrection in 3…2…1…Now.”

Maybe it would be a simple message like “I love you” or “I forgive you.”

Or maybe it would be more vocal like “Start doing the stuff I told you to do.”

At any rate, I think there are times when we could all use a Jesus Alert.  At the very least it would be a reminder that Jesus is connected to us always.

Jesus Alert.  Check you phone.