The idea of grace is hard for people to embrace.  I mean really embrace.  Grace is the free gift given to us from God.  We didn’t earn it.  We don’t deserve it because of anything we did.

It’s not just a hard idea for people to embrace.  It’s hard to accept in practice too.

In our culture, we start with a belief that something must be earned in order to receive it.  We believe in conditions.

Yet, God’s grace doesn’t play by those rules.

Why is this so hard for people?  Because if we earn God’s love, forgiveness, or grace, then we have some power over God.  God owes us something.  Without earning any of these, God owes us nothing.  And in fact, we feel that we owe God something now.  Oh how many will reject God’s grace because they don’t want to “owe” God something.  Many would rather live the lie that they are in control of their earthly and eternal lives.

But that’s not how it works.  Grace is freely given.  And there’s plenty to go around.  It’s not about control.  It’s about setting us free from the bondage.  That’s how grace works.  Just say thank you.