Today is November 1, also known as All Saint Day.  In a way it’s a bit presumptuous to assume that everyone who dies is a saint.  But as Martin Luther stated, “Sin Boldly.”

Yes, we make the assume that people are saints.  It is more of a hope than anything else.  It’s a hope based on what Jesus talks about.

Often people desire a sermon on what happens after you die, or what happens at the end of time.  Here’s the deal – know one really knows.  I don’t.  Here’s what I’ve got – promises that are made to humanity and all of creation in Scripture by God.  I take Scripture to be God’s inspired Word.  When I read Scripture I hear God’s promise.  I hear God’s promise made in baptism.  I hear God’s promise in Revelation about making all things being made new.  I hear God’s promise in Isaiah.  I hear God’s promise throughout Scripture.

On this All Saints Day, I think remembering God’s promise is what is needed for all of us.  God’s promise is hope-filled.  Something that our political environment is not.  Something that our politicians seem to be lacking for the most part.  God’s promise is about thriving life.  God’s promise is about grace, mercy, forgiveness, and joy.  God’s promise is about walking with us in the shadow of the valley of death so that we are not alone.  God’s promise is about resurrection and new life.

Today I will remember those who have died.  I will shed a tear for them, remember them fondly.  And I will turn to God and God’s promises.  I will take comfort in them knowing that these promises are for my loved ones, and for me too.  They are for all of creation.

Today is All Saints Day.  Today is a good day.