What do you believe about God?  I mean what do you really believe?

Do you believe in the creeds? Are there parts that you struggle with?

Do you believe that God is alive and in our midst?

Do you believe that God isn’t just in our midst, but also has something to say about our lives, our society, our politics, and how we interact with others? Now we’re getting uncomfortable, aren’t we?  Do we want God to have something to say about our lives, society, money, politics?  If this is true, then we might have to change.

If someone were to look at your life and how you talk, and they were asked to describe what you believed about God based on that, what would that say about you and your belief in God?

Do your words and actions, how you live your life, and how you deal with others, match with what you claim to believe about God?  If there is a difference, why?