There are many types of Jesus.  Which one(s) do you follow/worship?

There’s Comfy Jesus.  He’s got a nice comfy blanket, doesn’t bother anyone, and doesn’t want to be bothered.  Comfy Jesus doesn’t like conflict and certainly respects the old adage that when in polite company, you never talk religion or politics.  Comfy Jesus doesn’t have political views or an opinions about policies.  And Comfy Jesus would never ask you to get your hands dirty with the homeless and poor.

There’s Partisan Jesus.  He’s got an R or a D after his name and he knows that the party is far more important than anything he has to say.  Partisan Jesus turns a blind eye when others who have the same R or D after their name do stuff or say things that conflict with him.

There’s Nationalist Jesus.  He’s all about the nation.  He sleeps with a flag wrapped around himself and knows that the promised land is right here.  Nationalist Jesus rips out the portions of the bible that talk about welcoming the stranger.  Nationalist Jesus knows that John 3:16 is really about the nation first.  Nationalist Jesus sees nothing wrong with violent language and dehumanizing.  Nationalist Jesus has friends who question his background because he’s got darker skin and he might be a foreigner.

There’s Weeping Jesus.  Even though we’re told that Jesus weeps only once in the Gospels – for the death of Lazarus his friend, weeping Jesus does more weeping.  Weeping Jesus is busy while he observes the fear, anger, and divisions in the world.  Weeping Jesus sheds years when he hears and sees scapegoating, dehumanizing, and violence.

There’s Dead Jesus.  Dead Jesus doesn’t do anything.  He doesn’t speak up.  He’s safe for his followers because Dead Jesus doesn’t ask them to do anything.  He’s dead.

There’s Cross Carrying Jesus.  He’s a tough one.  He calls on his followers to carry the very thing that will kill them.  Cross Carrying Jesus isn’t interested in whining and excuses.  He’s too busy carrying the sin of the world.

There’s Angry Jesus.  He’d flipping tables and asking why people call him Lord, Lord, but do not do what he tells them to do.  Seriously.  He’s not happy about what’s going on.  He’s upset by how people are treated, especially the poor, the stranger, the outcast.

There’s Resurrection Jesus.  He’s chill.  He’s done all the work.  Death has been defeated.  He calls to us, shares the Good News, and sends us out – even when we aren’t ready.