Actions stem from theology and belief systems.  Your actions are the outgrowth of what you believe about something.  Another way of talking about belief is the attitude.  An attitude can be defined as a state of mind.

Here’s one way to think about the relationship between beliefs/theology/attitude and actions.

A – B – C

Our attitudes drive our behavior which give us certain consequences.

Why is this important?  Because so often what people observe about others is inconsistent.  An example of this is that awhile back someone told me that they didn’t like my theology, but they liked the ministry I was doing with the homeless.  The problem with that is the inconsistency.  My theology drives my actions when it comes to the ministry I do.  My theology tells me to listen to what Jesus said about the poor and how we are to serve the poor.  I take that seriously and therefore I do what I can to live out the belief.

If you believe a certain thing, then you’ll do actions that carry out that belief.  But only if you really believe that thing.  If you just affirm it, there’s a good chance you won’t carry out actions in alignment with the belief.  Those actions would make you uncomfortable and probably violate whatever it is that you truly believe.

Humans are nothing if not consistent in their actions aligning with their true beliefs.  The human brain craves consistency and congruence between belief and action, making it far more important than other things, except our survival instinct.  We don’t want to be considered a liar, which would be shameful.  So we prefer to be consistent in our actions with our beliefs.  And we carry out what we actually believe.

If you believe that you can’t trust other people, then you will carry out actions that telegraph to others that you don’t trust people.  If you believe that Jesus tells us to feed the hungry, then you’ll figure out ways to feed someone who is hungry when you come across this person.

But it comes down to how truly you believe something.  One way to tell what you really believe about the world, people, etc., is to take a look at your actions.  What do your actions tell you about what it is that you actually believe and value?

Our beliefs/theology/attitudes all drive our actions.