Last week was a great week.  I was at a retreat and a church training.  Getting away is necessary from time to time.  It’s like a reset button, or unplugging for a time.  A reset pulls us away from the routines we construct.  It pulls us away from the habits we have developed.  It pulls us away from the information we are exposed to every day.  It gives us a chance to take a breath, to reconsider, and to rest.

The training I attended was great.  Not because of the information I learned – that was good too.  It was great because of the people who attended.  It was great to see the excitement.  It was great to see the realizations.  It was great to be surrounded by people who are on fire and ready to go.  It was great to be around people who are just as broken as me.

In our current days, getting away is essential.  I know my limitations.  I can’t go week after week in a healthy manner without an opportunity to get away from the constant distractions, the constant emotional roller coaster.  I need to get away from the latest thing done or said that will set off high emotions until the next thing.  I can’t keep up with it, nor do I want to.  I’m tired of the constant drama.  I’m tired of so much.

And getting away is a breath of fresh air.  An opportunity to breath.  An opportunity to see the world freshly.  To put down the things that distract and cause distraction.  To get to work on the things I am called to.

I am grateful for the opportunity to be away last week.  It was a blessing.