…what would it be?

Go beyond the worship service. There have been numerous articles and battles about worship styles. I’m not talking about that. What would be something fundamental that you see that needs to change? I’m not talking about things that you would like to see change – church shouldn’t be about meeting all your needs. No, I’m talking about much deeper things here. The things that you identify may very well be things that you don’t really want to change, but you know they need to.

A secondary question would be – what is most important about church? Again, I’m not talking about the worship style. When you look at the bigger picture of church, what do you identify as most important? What is the one thing that you would identify as essential to church being church? Without it, church is something else. What would that one thing be?

A third question is this – What is the actual obstacle to making the essential change you identified in the first question, while placing emphasis on the thing you identified in the second question? What is the real obstacle? Again, go past the obvious answers – go much deeper to foundational things. To things that are not material in nature.

A fourth question is this – what gives you great joy about church? What is it that allows you to encounter God? What is it that allows you to hear and experience Good News? What is that thing?

Last question – what are you going to do with these questions and answers? When? With who?