I’ve been watching the reactions and responses to Notre Dame Cathedral burning. Many are sad by the event. Some look forward to seeing it rebuilt. Within 24 hours, almost $1 billion was promised to do just that. I wonder if the millionaires who committed funds actually go to the Cathedral. I don’t know.

Some people have been going around saying things like – use that money for the poor. It could make a big difference.

Still others have gone to vigils to mourn this loss. Many French people see the Cathedral more as a national symbol than anything else.

Still others have used this event as a way to raise awareness about the three African-American churches that burned recently because of arson.

I have just sat back and watched. I think all of these folks have valid points. And I yet I wonder – does anyone see the irony of having a major cathedral burn during Holy Week?

This is the week Jesus went to Jerusalem and changed everything. He went from life, to death, to resurrection.

Notre Dame went from life to death in a short period. And I wonder what resurrection will mean for this Cathedral. And for the church is represents.

The church has gone through many challenges – most self-imposed and sinful. It has suffered, but not really died.

Yet, you can’t experience resurrection until you have gone through death.

The Cathedral has experienced death. And is now ready for resurrection. But like Jesus after Good Friday, it sits in a tomb. The shell of what once was is like a tomb. Death of a Cathedral. Yet, I wonder what God is up to. I wonder what resurrection will look like. I wonder what the eye witnesses will report. I wonder how God will encounter people.