You might think the title is odd. But in reality, the Gospel is dangerous. I’m not talking about what is often passed around as being Gospel. I’m talking about the message Jesus actually said. What Jesus talked about was subversive. He talked about money and how it becomes a god that we listen to first above God. He talked about picking up the instrument that would kill you and willingly carry it. He talked about loving one’s enemies. He talked about welcoming strangers and outsiders. He talked about expanding who was in God’s kingdom. He talked about feed those who didn’t earn their own food.

He was a threat to the powers of the time – both religious and political. To the point that they killed him. Here’s what I know, religious and political authorities don’t kill someone because they are nice and harmless. They kill someone who threatens their power.

The Gospel we proclaim is dangerous. It is costly. Yet, too often we think the cost doesn’t apply to us. Why?