How is your eyesight? How about the eyesight of your church? How about of your nation?

Is the lens that we look through clear? Does it offer you clarity in how you see the world? Others?

Does the lens of your theology assist you to see the world clearer? How about the lens of your politics? How about the lens of money?

What other lens do you look at the world through?

When we look at others around us – Are we clouded in how we see the other? Do we see the other as our brother, sister, mother, father? Or as completely separate from us – no relation what-so-ever?

Matthew 25 is a lens that I try to wear. I don’t always succeed in wearing it though. There are plenty of people I have difficulty seeing. There are plenty of others that I don’t want to see.

And there are others, not from Matthew 25 that I see all too clearly – the ones that I struggle with. Sometimes my lenses are blurry. Sometimes they are broken. Sometimes I try to remove the lenses because I don’t want to see – it’s too painful or uncomfortable to see the world the way it actually is.

But the lenses don’t go away. Jesus’ lens is one of those lenses that is persistent. It is patient too. Jesus stays right there with you, tapping you on the shoulder, whispering in your ear – “maybe you should try this lens.” Jesus is persistent about this. Never letting up. “Try this lens on for size.”

“Remember, I chose you, beloved child, to follow me. That means seeing the world through my lens. In all of it’s pain and suffering. In its hypocrisy and anger and fear. In its division and idols. I gave you that lens not to get you down, but rather, so that you could appreciate the kingdom that is unfolding in your midst – a reign of God that I invited you participate in. I gave you this lens so you could see the world as it is and appreciate the way it’s going to be when my work is all done. Right now you see the pain. But you also see the healing that is happening. Right now you see the fear. But you also see the love that is enveloping so many. Right now you see the division. But you also see how people are being brought together. Right now you see the reality of death. But you also see what resurrection really means. Put on the lens and look around. See it all.”

With an invitation like that, how can I possibly refuse to put on Jesus’ lens and see the world. When we put on this lens, we Revelation 21.

And what a beautiful site it is.