Answer honestly…Do you expect to encounter God? Ever? Do you expect to encounter God in worship? Or are you just going through the motions, waiting for the pastor to stop talking?

Do you expect to encounter God in other parts of your life? Do you believe that life can be compartmentalized like that – that God only has access to the churchy parts of life, but must be hands off to other portions of your life?

Do you expect to encounter God, or are you hoping that you don’t? Many will say they want to encounter God – but I suspect that many people don’t really want an encounter with God. An encounter with God would mean that our lives would have to change. And if life is good (at least it appears that way), then we probably don’t want it messed with. We’d have to admit we weren’t in control. And then what? What would God have us do? What crazy things would we have to do? What would we have to give up? What would have to end?

Do we really want to encounter God? If you really do, then what are you doing in life to prepare for such an encounter? To be ready to respond?

Do you really want to encounter God? Do you really? Are you willing to pay the price for such an encounter? Are you willing to give everything you have away if that’s what God would ask of you?

We don’t have control over when God encounters us. We certainly don’t have control over what God will ask of us. All we have is how we respond.

This much I know – God isn’t interested in just one hour of your life once a week or however often you come to worship. God wants it all – 100%.

Do we really want an encounter with God? Or are we just telling ourselves this because it’s the “right” answer.

So much better would it be if we were honest with ourselves and with God. What would an honest answer be – God, I’m afraid. I’m afraid of what it would mean to encounter you. I’m afraid of what you’ll want from me. I don’t want to let go of control – control over my life, my stuff, others, etc. Right now I keep telling myself this comforting lie that I am in control of my life. But I’m afraid that you’ll show the lie for what it is. Then what? What is left after the house of cards collapses? Maybe I’m afraid because I know exactly what you’ll do – change everything. Maybe I’m afraid because I don’t quite trust that you’ll keep your promise.

I wonder how our faith would change if we approached God this way. I wonder how our worship would change. I wonder how the world would change. I wonder.