Nothing I say will change a single mind. That’s just reality.

Nothing I write will convince anyone to agree with me. That’s also reality.

Nothing I do will cause another person to change. That’s certainly reality.

Seems a bit hopeless and pointless when it’s put this way. But really, it’s quite freeing.

All I can do is be open to change myself. To be a better person. To treat others better. To live the way of peace. To show respect, whether it is deserved or not. To love the unlovable. To forgive. To show an alternative to hatred and fear.

This coming Sunday Jesus says to wipe the dust off your feet if you are not welcomed in a place. Not everyone will be open to hearing you. Not everyone will be open to change. Many will not in fact. Changing is often about not being in control.

So the question is this – in the midst of fear and anger and hatred, in the midst of a sea of anxiety, what do I do/say/write?

You are not alone. There is another way. Death does not have the final say. Fear, anger, and hatred are empty and unsatisfying.

I can’t change someone else. I can barely be open to change for myself many times. But maybe that’s all we need – a willingness to change, to be transformed. To encounter God.