What is it about humanity that we resist things?

Why do we resist change, even though change is a guarantee in life. Our bodies change – there isn’t anything you can do to stop that. But somehow we think we can create environments that are resistant to change. How foolish.

Why do we resist doing things that are for our benefit? There are real-world consequences to this. Regardless of your beliefs about climate change, doesn’t it just make sense to be good stewards of the environment? We have to live here after all. And there is that whole biblical imperative about being stewards.

Why do we resist following what Jesus tells us to do – especially if we claim to be Christians, followers of Jesus? Why is it that so many followers seem to have no qualms about ignoring what Jesus says? If these same folks had the same level of devotion to Jesus that they had for _______, imagine what the church would be like. Imagine what the world would be like. You can fill in the blank with any number of things. For some, it might be a sports team, for others it might be money, or the flag, or work, or whatever else.

Why do we resist seeing how connected we are to one another? While we think we are totally independent of one another, we aren’t. You couldn’t make it through a single day, an hour even, without being touched in some way by at least one other human being somewhere. Why? Because you probably didn’t build your own house, pave the road you are driving on (let alone build your own car), grow all of your food, or make all of your technological and material things. I’m willing to bet a million dollars (money I didn’t create), that at the core, there is not a single person on the planet that is totally independent. So why do we resist being interconnected?

Why do we resist…