Church is a pretty simple thing when you get to the core of it. Church is about being with a group of people who want to be disciples – to learn what Jesus taught and to go and do it. We open the bible and read what Jesus said.

Here’s the part that gets complicated. Church is full of broken and sinful people. Dare I say hypocrites? And boy oh boy, the leaders of the church, like the pastor, are no exception! (being a pastor myself, I can say that with a level of authority).

So how does this brokenness and sinfulness make things complicated? Well, often it makes us focus on the wrong things. Or it causes us to beat ourselves up pretty good because we failed at something related to this. Or is blurs our vision. Or it makes us uncomfortable. Or it causes us to compare ourselves to others – seeing how they are worse than me. Or it confuses us into thinking the institution is what’s most important. Or we get distracted by money. Or we fight over little things that don’t matter. Or we forget about the fact that we, and everyone else is made in the image of God. Or…all of that and then some.

Church, as a concept is simple. But because church is people, it’s complicated and messy.

Thank God that God is the business of restoration, forgiveness, mercy, grace, transformation – life, death, and resurrection.

While the concept of church is easy, and the reality is messy and complicated, it all sums up to this – it’s worth it.