Everyone worships something/someone. The question is what.

Even those that claim there is no god worship something. The definition of worship is:

“reverent honor and homage paid to God or a sacred personage, or to any object regarded as sacred.” (Source: Dictionary.com)

So the question is what do we worship? There’s the stated answer – whatever it is you claim. But that may not be the actual answer.

Do you want to know who/what you really worship? The same question can be asked of groups, churches, organizations, and even nations.

Here’s one way to determine the real answer. How do you spend your time, money, energy, and attention? Do you use all of those listening to God in the variety of ways that God speaks to us? Or do you devote more time, money, energy, and attention listening to the other gods that demand worship?

Who are these gods? They are numerous. Here’s a short list. Money, power, being right, a politician or elected official, a political party, your work, exercise, social media, entertainment, sex, drugs, intelligence, etc.

Where do your beliefs align with – God or a god of your choosing?

Do you spend more time defending God or a god of your choosing?

Do you spend more time proclaiming God’s word and promises, or the promises of a god of your choosing?

What you spend more time, energy, money, and attention on is what you value. It is your god.

The same is true for a group of people, an organization, a church, and even a nation.