A great article about our congregation’s truck stop ministry with those experiencing homelessness was published in The Burg, a publication centered around Harrisburg, PA.

You can check the article out here. Here’s just the first few paragraphs to get you started:

Ben* became homeless when his Carlisle landlord kicked the family out of their rental home. As a result, the family of seven—Ben, his wife and their five children—lived out of their minivan for six months.

“It’s hard to find a rental home with more than two bedrooms,” he said.

But they moved into another rental, and, within two months, the same thing happened. Once again, they were homeless for a period of six months.

It might surprise you to learn that, through it all, Ben worked full-time as a truck driver.

Read more at this link – https://theburgnews.com/in-the-burg/when-a-truck-becomes-a-home-one-church-takes-homeless-ministry-on-the-road-to-the-local-truck-stop?fbclid=IwAR3sNJK-33viB9ZHqJRqG4dxYnZXJmJbN9qQZGSvp_MEJ6PEOm7qq9R1tzE