Why is humanity attracted to empires? For some reason we are fascinated by them. When we study history, we often look at the empires of the past. We tell time based on the empires that existed in certain geographical areas. We look at the emperors and kings in charge of these empires with a varying level of esteem – even when they have been evil.

What is it about empires that we are drawn to? Why do we seem to always want to move towards empires, as if they are the height of human existence.

They aren’t. Empires embody evil ultimately. Empires are the antithesis of the Kingdom of God. All empires. Whether we are talking about national empires, or other types of empires. They could be financial, sports, military, political, business, religious, cultural, etc.

Empires are all the same. Sure, a different name, a different tyrant in charge. But there are four things they all share in common – they exploit, oppress, kill, and destroy. Every single one of them do this.

Empires are narcissistic. Empires are idols seeing themselves in the place of God. Empires are evil. In this sense, empires are like cults. Cults demand unwavering loyalty. Cults have their own version of truth. Cults have messiahs that offer some promise of salvation to the adherents. Empires are just cults on a larger scale.

And thankfully, all empires fall. It’s only a matter of how much destruction they leave behind.

If you think I’m being over the top, I challenge you to show me an example from history in which an empire was Christ-like in nature, that took care of people – especially the poor, that didn’t exploit or oppress people, what wasn’t responsible for many deaths, and didn’t destroy many things.