I’ve heard of people leaving their church in recent times because they are “uncomfortable.” I understand. I’m uncomfortable too.

I’m uncomfortable.  Since following Jesus I’ve been very uncomfortable.  I haven’t had a day in which I have been comfortable actually. And it’s getting worse. Every day I am more and more uncomfortable.

I’m uncomfortable with the level of homelessness we have in the wealthiest nation in history.  

I’m uncomfortable with child hunger.  

I’m uncomfortable with tearing families apart.  

I’m uncomfortable with the mistrust that exists in our nation.  

I’m uncomfortable with the brokenness that exists.

I’m uncomfortable with how our stewardship of God’s creation is.  

I’m uncomfortable that we listen to the god of money to make decisions, and that our first concern is the economy and not the welfare of the population.  

I’m uncomfortable that we have been in a near constant state of war for most of our nation’s history.

I’m uncomfortable we have adopted the belief that the ends justify the means.  

I’m uncomfortable that the truth and seeking truth doesn’t seem to matter that much.  

I’m uncomfortable that there is a large segment of society that sees no value in education.  

I’m uncomfortable that people seek salvation and Messiah-like figures from the world of politics and have for most of human history.  

I’m uncomfortable that we fully embrace scapegoating – that we are in fact addicted to it.  

I’m uncomfortable that we think others need to repent, but that we are innocent and in no need of confession or repentance.  

I’m uncomfortable that our vision is clouded so we can’t see the Image of God in others.  

I’m uncomfortable that we reject and dehumanize the stranger, the foreigner, instead of doing what Jesus tells us to do – welcome the stranger. 

I’m uncomfortable that we don’t practice health care, but rather only care about treating sickness because there is more money to be made that way.  

I’m uncomfortable that racism seems to be alive and well in our nation.  

I’m uncomfortable that our criminal justice system is unjust.  

I’m uncomfortable that people are mistreated and dehumanized because of their sexuality.  

I’m uncomfortable that it seems to be acceptable to degrade women.  

I’m uncomfortable that we embrace the idea of power as a value, and dismiss the virtue of compassion and care for others.

I’m uncomfortable that we believe selfishness and greed is good.

I’m uncomfortable that there are many Christians who think they can claim to be followers of Jesus without actually doing anything that Jesus commands them to do as followers.  

I’m uncomfortable that there are Christians who think that being a follower of Jesus comes with a promise of being comfortable.  

I’m uncomfortable that many turn a blind eye to facts and evidence and data that doesn’t agree with our beliefs and we think that our beliefs are fact.  

I’m uncomfortable that we put our faith and hope in political parties, and only give lip service to the faith from God.  

I’m uncomfortable that we care more about our own stuff, as opposed to those suffering around us.  

I’m uncomfortable that we think that strength means defeating ones opponents rather than listening and making peace with them in a way that benefits all and starts to build trust and community.  

I’m uncomfortable that we have fully embraced the idea of us vs. them.  

I’m uncomfortable that we can read what Scripture says and can spin it into something completely different because we don’t like it.  

I’m uncomfortable that we have Christians who think they don’t have to read the Bible at all.  

I’m uncomfortable that we have Christians who think they don’t need to grow spiritually and in faith because they were confirmed when they were in 8th grade.  

I’m uncomfortable that we think we can be loyal to Jesus and anything else at the same time, especially when that other loyalty conflicts with what it means to follow Jesus.  

I’m uncomfortable that we can justify excluding whole groups of people from God’s kingdom because they sin in a way that we are not likely to sin.  

I’m uncomfortable with the level of hatred and fear that exists in our nation and in our churches.  

I’m uncomfortable that we have many Christians who don’t actually believe the faith.  

I’m uncomfortable that many Christians don’t expect to encounter Jesus and really don’t want to because that would mean their lives would change and be transformed.  

I’m uncomfortable that we value being in control, the very first sin recorded in Scripture, is what we value more than transformation and resurrection.  

I’m uncomfortable with so much more that could easily be on this list.  

I’m uncomfortable that this list is so very long and leaves me exhausted.  

I’m uncomfortable.  

But I am comforted by this – I am not alone.  You are not alone.  We are not alone.  Jesus never promised that following him would be comfortable.  In fact, he promises the exact opposite thing – to the point that we may die for the faith.  He doesn’t promise that we will be comfortable.  But he did promise that he would be with us.  And he is.  Right now.  In the midst of discomfort.  He is here.  He is present.  He is active.  He is alive.  Let us cling to him.