I’ve heard several complaints about the Half Time Show of the Super Bowl. I’m a bit confused by it though.

First, let me be honest – I watched a total of about two minutes of the Super Bowl. It was at the end of the first half. We watched part of the Half Time Show – probably about half of it. Enough to know what happened. And enough to be left confused by the complaints.

Was there a limited amount of clothing? Sure. Just like past Half Time Shows – nothing special about this one. Last year the singer was shirtless. Was the dancing sensual? Sure. I’m pretty sure past ones were too.

But really, we’re going to be upset about a Half Time Show as if that is the main problem? I’m sorry, I just don’t get it. And I don’t have the energy to be upset.

I don’t get the Puritanism. I don’t get it when we spend more and more every year in our nation on movies that are for more sexual in nature and we brag about going to these movies. We spend more money, as a nation, on porn than most other things. But we think the Half Time Show is the problem?

I don’t get it when we are upset about a Half Time Show, but ignore the human trafficking that goes on all around the city hosting the Super Bowl. Or that the game generated around $1 Billion in revenue – what will that money be used for? Or that there is a ton of gluttony that happens across the US in relation to this game. Or that there’s a great deal of violence that happens in the game – football is just a violent game. Or any number of other things that we could be upset about.

Instead, it sounds more like we’re upset because we couldn’t possibly get away with wearing the same outfits and look good, or do the athletic moves that occurred. So they must be a sin. And we must be innocent.

There are plenty of injustices that exist in the world for us to be upset about. Things that we should get upset about – upset enough to actually start to act to put an end to them. The Half Time Show isn’t one of them. It’s more like looking for something to complain about and feeling like we did something, because we complained.

I’m sorry, but I just don’t get it. It’s just not that important. If what you saw bothered you that much, do something to empower women. Work to pass legislation that will protect women from violence. Don’t just complain, go and do something to build people up.