Evil doesn’t rest. Ever. That’s the nature of what evil is about.

God, on the other hand, rests. And calls on God’s followers to rest.

Evil believes in constant, unending production. People are just a tool to produce. Produce more stuff. Produce more profit. Produce more entertainment. Produce more bricks.

God is different. So different that God instilled God’s image and likeness in humanity. In the creation story, we are told that God rested on the seventh day. The Sabbath is created for humans to rest in order to worship God clear from the concerns of laboring. For God, what we produce is not as important as the relationship we have with God. Part of the reason is that regardless of what we produce it will eventually fade away and be forgotten. But God will not forget us.

Evil systems don’t rest. They work hard to maintain themselves. They suck in good people through lies and fear. Evil systems create an expectation that things will stay the same, so there is no point in resisting or, God forbid, changing the system. Evil systems create an expectation that God doesn’t show up and is only a character of the past – not the present or the future.

But the Good News is that evil will end. Evil Systems will crumble under their own weight. Their lies will be exposed. And when they fall, those who prop them up will come crashing down with them.

In place of these evil systems will be the Kingdom of God which has no end. The Kingdom offers rest from the labor of maintaining a costly evil system. The Kingdom of God is built on truth and on the very nature of God. And it will last. Evil will pass. It falls just at the time when it appears strongest and winning. It falls at the moment when it thinks it has won. Because pride proceeds the fall. And fall it will. And fall hard.

God is patient. The end result is already determined – God wins. Labor away evil. All of your labor produces nothing and will be forgotten. God wins. Amen.