I’ve been invited to teach an online class entitled “‘Doing’ Politics through the Lens of Faith.” If you know me at all, you know I have been thinking about, writing, and exploring this topic for decades now.

It will be a five week online course that covers a variety of topics and includes real life examples, videos, readings, etc. At the end, participants will have their own “platform” that can act like a guide. This is more than just about voting, but really how we live out our faith.

Week 1 – We’ll take a look at what politics is and isn’t. (Sneak peek – politics is far more than just partisanship. The two are not the same thing.)

Week 2 – We’ll explore the Old Testament and politics.

Week 3 – We’ll turn our attention to the New Testament and politics.

Week 4 – We’ll look at faith and politics a bit closer. How do they relate to one another?

Week 5 – We’ll finish up by answering the question of how we “do” politics in a faith-filled way.

The course is run through the Stevenson School for Ministry run through the Episcopal Diocese of Central Pennsylvania. There is a cap of 20 students for this round.

You can find registration information by visiting the website – https://diocesecpa.org/shaped-by-faith-courses/#1578679766389-f8f6e935-777f.

I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about the course.