Our faith exists for such a time as this.

Faith doesn’t exist and isn’t given to us for the good and easy times. Not for the comfortable times in which there are few real challenges.

Faith wasn’t given to us for the times that we have been so used to for so long for so many of us.

No. Faith exists for such a time as this. This is a time of disaster. Of chaos. Of suffering. Of poverty. Of financial meltdown. And more.

This is when we really “get it”. These are the times that faith becomes clearer to us – what it is really about. Faith is a gift from God that reminds us that we can’t do this on our own. Is there really any more doubt about that? When I see stories about people ignoring the risks in a variety of ways, what I see is selfishness – the idea that I am an island and no one has an impact on me and I have no impact on anyone else. That kind of attitude will make this pandemic last longer than it has to.

See, this is the time when we either “get” it or don’t. I’m not talking about getting the virus either.

This is the time when we ask if we really embrace all that we preach – do we really buy it? Or is it just a bunch of words? Are we all in? Or does that seem a bit much? Is this the time when we shed what we claim to believe because we never really bought into it anyway?

This is the time when we either really understand and embrace Jesus’ words to pick up our cross and follow him, or we just walk away in order to turn inward on ourselves and only look out for our own interests.

This is the time when we truly embrace God’s message that is spoken throughout Scripture – “Do not be afraid.” Or we just yell out at God and tell God “You’re full of it!”

This is the time when we find out what we truly believe. We’ll know what we believe, and what others actually believe, based on what we do. Faith isn’t just a set of beliefs. It’s the core of who we are that drives what our behavior is. You can’t do actions that contradict your true beliefs. I’m not talking about your stated beliefs – the ones you would tell someone when asked. I’m talking about what you actually believe when it comes down to it. The set of beliefs that are at your core. You may never actually state what those beliefs are. You don’t have to. You will know what you actually believe in based on your actions. Your actions never lie.

This is a time of clarity.  

Faith was given to us for such a time as this. Let us use it wisely. Let us embrace its message. Let us let it abide in us and transform us so that faith is evident to all who encounter us.

This is the time.